Friday, September 27, 2013

Who Knew?

I have been sitting on the bench for a few weeks now.  I am dying to workout, run, really... even walking up the stairs without the muscles in my bum feeling like they are going to explode would be a dream come true. I have a back injury, and to anyone who has ever had a back injury of any kind... yeah, ouch.  I have discovered though, the best place to go when you have back pain, is to Saturday night Church when all the seniors go.  I have NEVER been so doted on, than by elderly Parishoners, who know more about back pain than The Yankees know about baseball.

So, what is a person to do when faced with the inability to exercise, and a box of Peanut Butter Pop Tarts somewhere in the house!?  Well, not focus on the Pop Tarts for starters, but stemming from the fact that I brought them up, probably means I am doing a poor job of not thinking about them.  However, I have been focusing on better nutrition as I can't burn off any crap food that may or may not be injured in the filming of this back injury.  Thus brings me to a Godsend in my pantry.  Shakeology.

Shakeology is a Beachbody shake that they call "the healthiest meal of the day."  I figured now would be the best time to do their 3 day cleanse.  What this is, is 3 shakes per day, only mixed with water and maybe blended with ice and 1/2 cup of fruit if needed.  Believe me.  It is needed.  Along with the shakes, you may have 2 snacks which are a fruit, which I used apples.  You have to consume at least 2 cups of green tea, and dinner is a large leafy green salad with grilled white protein.  Three days.  That's nothing.  No problem.

Day one.  So focused and motivated... get out a scoop of Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology, and drop it into my shaker cup, fill with water and shake.  Not so bad... I can do this.  About an hour later, I ate my apple, then continuing on to Vanilla with water in my shaker cup.  Again, not so bad, but feeling a bit hungry still.  Great time to eat another apple.  DINNER TIME!!!  Never before have I been so hungry for a salad!!!

Day two.  You know what sounds delicious?  Pumpkin pancakes...  but, I guess I shall have a Greenberry Shakeology with a bit of frozen pineapple.  Not quite the same.  Ugh... I don't want a stupid apple.  Salad?  for dinner again???

Day three.  I WANT A BURGER!!!!

Day after... down 4 lbs and a remarkable difference in my tummy.  It is flatter, and not as bloated.  I actually feel pretty good... in hindsight, it wasn't so terrible. hahaha!!  I survived and will probably do it again. Nutrition can definitely be your saving grace for when injured and unable to exercise... but my goodness, I certainly cannot wait to lift some heavy sh** and sweat like a man!!  Happy Friday all, and my all your food choices be healthy and happy choices!!!

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